If you are interested in adopting a kitten from us, please answer the following
questions and send an email to catfish833@aol.com.

1. What is your name, address and phone#?

2. How many adults and children are living in your household?

3. What are the children's ages?

4. Do you have a gender preference?

5. Do you have a color or pattern preference?

6. Do you presently have any cats?

7. If yes, how many and what breed are they?

8. How old are the cats in your household?

9. Are your cats de-clawed?

10. Are your cats neutered/spayed?

11. Do you have other pets? What are they?

Our contract does not allow for de-clawing. Kittens are not allowed outdoors
unless on a harness and leash. The kitten/cat must not be used for breeding
and must be neutered/spayed.
Thank you!