Whenever possible, visit the cattery.
Are the cats caged, or part of the family? Are they well socialized and friendly?
They won't let you visit?......Walk away!

Ask if the breeding cats have been shown and championed.
This lets you know the cats fit the written standard and you are getting a quality cat
and the breeder is not just breeding to try to make money.
Having cats
from "Champion & Grand Champion lines" is little more then a sales
ploy. Same with "Imported" lines.
If their cats do not have titles, find another breeder.
Ask for names of other catteries they work with.

Reputable breeders have a good network of
reputable catteries.
Does the breeder answer all your questions?
A good breeder has nothing to hide is helpful & will answer any questions you have
Things to know when looking for a purebred cat