Things to know when looking for a purebred cat
Whenever possible, visit the cattery.
Are the cats caged, or part of the family? Are they well socialized and friendly?
They won't let you visit?......Walk away!
Ask if the breeding cats have been shown and championed.
This lets you know the cats fit the written standard and you are getting a quality cat and the
breeder is not just breeding to make money. Having cats
from "Champion & Grand
Champion lines" is little more then a sales ploy. Same with "Imported" lines.
If their cats do not have titles, find another breeder.
Ask for names of other catteries they work with.
Reputable breeders have a good network of
reputable catteries.
Does the breeder answer all your questions?
A good breeder has nothing to hide is helpful and will answer any questions you may have.
QGC Vanir Argus of Psycatics
QGC Ramatut Marbelous of Psycatics
GC Taiji Hu of Psycatics
GC Psycatics Butch Cassidy
QGC Psycatics Michelangelo
GC Cdreams Icy Sparks of Psycatics
GC Psycatics January Wolf Moon
QGC Psycatics Kodiak Bear
GC Dzcoonz Lady Godiva of Psycatics
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Grand Champions
GC Psycatics Pussy Willow of KatTails
The "Fur Kids" story from
animal planet with
Kodiak's daughter dancing.
"Be who you is, cuz if you ain't who you is, then you is who you ain't."
Tavara Bowers
GC Psycatics Maksim
GC CinC d'Artagnan of Psycatics
GC Psycatics Caramel Gem
GC Psycatics Dream Weaver
GC Psycatics Total Eclipse
GC Psycatics Irish Cream
QGC Psycatics Amy Purrdy
GC Emily Rose of Psycatics
Norwegian Forest Cat
GC  Psycatics Sawyer Fredericks
QGC  Psycatics Coonleidoscope
My first
Grand Champion
GC  Psycatics Charlemaine
My first Quad
Grand Champion
GC Psycatics Rheannon
We breed for our breeding program first, and then for show/breeding
prospects which we carefully place with approved, experienced Cat
fanciers. However, some litters do have show quality kittens that we
make available to loving, permanent homes as pets.
QGC Psycatics Jaspurr
QGC Psycatics Jack Maxwell
My first Quad
Grand Champion female
We do not allow de-clawing
Excellent article
GC Psycatics Cubby Bear
GC Animaineicats Goliath of Psycatics
GC Psycatics Rio Lobo
"We are so happy to purchase one of your kittens. We are so impressed with your skills, knowledge,
cats, cattery, quality, & attention to detail. You have raised the bar of my expectations. Thank you."
Sandra A.
GC Psycatics Aramis
Some of our past
GC Prairiebaby Shani of Psycatics
GC Psycatics Akilah
GC Psycatics Rowan
GC Psycatics Silver Lining
It makes me sad and angry to hear about folks getting scammed.
Below are some tips to help you know if the breeder is legit!
If you are interested in one of our kittens or cats
please fill out the application.
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